Life-What is the point??

After a whole month home with my Mom after her mastectomy, I had a lot of time to think. Think about what the point of all this is. What I’ve learned through cancer is that there actually is no point. No ‘End Point’ I mean.

Let me explain… that idea that we all have…that.. “Once I get there I’ll be happy point,” doesn’t actually exist. Haven’t we all said that? Said; I just need to get there and then I’ll relax, then I’ll be happy, then I’ll make time for the people I love, then I’ll finally feel good. We’re all looking to get to that end point when we can finally feel okay. A lot of that, I think, usually relates to money and career. My question to you is; what do you think will really happen when you get there? Whatever that ‘THERE’ is for you. The sky will open? God will come down and say, congratulations you finally have a million dollar mansion, 5 cars, a pool, awards on your wall… feels great huh? You’ll feel relaxed and at peace now? Give me a break.


There is no real end to this life, until we are lying on our death bed. Then you will sit with yourself and decide did I live my life or did I live a life always hoping for my life to begin?

May 2014 when my Mom called me to tell me she had stage 3 breast cancer – it was like coming out of a fog moment for me. It’s those moments that force you in the present. They force you out of the future and into your present day life. It’s amazing to me how little time I spent in my present day life. How so much of my life was spent wishing I was where I had always dreamed I’d be at this point. Now I’m wishing It was a day ago when everyone I loved was just healthy.

Now we’re in February, my incredible Mom has lost all her hair, her breasts, her body is weak and she is fighting. We are all fighting. My life is now about her. It’s about the people I love. Isn’t that what being present is? Being present with the people we choose to share our lives with.

I’m not saying shed your ambitions or your dreams, I’m saying wake up and look around. When you have coffee with your best friend put your phone away and be present with her.

When your Dad calls to ask about your week, don’t hurry him off the phone because you have other things to do.

If you love your girlfriend and you know she’s the one, then why not just pop the question and you’ll figure it out as you go?

Your life is now. It’s happening! Each second. Each minute. Live in it. Live your life. Don’t live in tomorrow. That is the ‘point.’



This post is for my mom and for all women currently battling breast cancer.

7 thoughts on “Life-What is the point??

  1. This is really touching, Rachel. And, as far as I can tell, with 67 years behind me, you’re really on to what’s most important in life. I didn’t know about your mom’s dealing with breast cancer, but please know that I will be keeping her (and you) in prayer. You’re lucky to have each other. Love you.

  2. So sorry to hear what your mom and family are going thru. But, to realize what you just talked about at your age is such a blessing. We waste so much time waiting for life to begin. Good Health is the ultimate goal in life. Wishing your mom all good health. xo
    Love, Carol

  3. It’s all about the journey. Making the most of the moment that is occurring right now. There isn’t anything that you can do about what happened yesterday and you have no control over what will happen tomorrow. You are a good life student “grasshopper” 😉

    Holding a good thought for your Mom for a full recovery.

  4. Rachel, wow! I’m so sorry to hear about what you and your sweet momma have been going through, but definitely not sorry to hear the great life realizations that have come out of it. I think of you from time to time and always love you! Praying God’s peace that passes all understanding to invade your heart, and that you would know His amazing presence in all your suffering. Love you!

  5. Rachel – you have an amazing mom and you’re an amazing daughter. Your words are so meaningful and true. A difficult realization no matter what your age.

  6. So well said and that should not surprise me as I have seen 1st hand you are a thoughtful,caring person when I had the pleasure of meeting you while I drove you around when you were in North Bay, On.

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