How to have the perfect wedding day.

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It’s been one year since I married this guy, and it truly was magical.  I woke up the next day with sore face muscles from smiling so damn much.  I want this for you.  As a life coach and overall spiritual human being.  These 8 things will guarantee that your wedding will be EVERYTHING you want it to be and more.

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1. Let go of the idea that the wedding “has to be perfect.” and it will be.

Make the decision before your rehearsal dinner that there is no such thing as perfect. Ask any former bride. People will piss you off. People will complain. Someone may wear white. Someone might get too drunk. Someone might break something. Someone might spill on your dress. (The worst, I know)

So what do you do?

Decide now! “No matter what… I’m going to enjoy every second of my wedding”

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 How do you do this? Some suggestions-

Meditate: Get a meditation app. I meditated a lot before my wedding.  Actually, I meditated on my wedding day. Meditation is brilliant for clearing clutter in your brain and bringing you back to what’s important…IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Mantras:  Find a mantra that works in moments of stress. For example. “All that matters today is that I enjoy my partner, my friends, and my family”  You say this the second something starts to irritate you. This little trick will bring you back to what’s important … IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!

 The deep breath trick: Pick someone on the day to be your deep breath friend. Designate a person to remind you to take a deep breath, and remember it’s all okay when  anything “not perfect” happens.  Like a blizzard starting right before you’re about to walk down aisle… (Ask my dear friend Alexis, and former MAY bride)… These things happen! So grab that friends hand, take a deep breath and remind yourself its all going to be ok..Why??  Because…IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!!

You can’t control everything. But what you can control is your reaction. Getting upset on your wedding day will leave a pit of regret in your stomach for letting that drunk guy, or a spill, or a broken glass, upset you on the most amazing day of your life.

No matter how many things go wrong. I’m going to have one hell of a time.” (See another mantra for you)

2. Have an “OMG WE’RE GETTING MARRIED- date night.” 

In all the pre-wedding chaos, we often forget to connect.  It’s important to step away from wedding planning and remember you’re building a life together! A life that you already love. Remember that. This date is a must and it needs to happen ideally one week before the big day.

What happens on the date:

  1. Talk about favorite memories together.
  2. Talk about your engagement. Every detail.
  3. Talk about things that person does that always makes you laugh.
  4. Favorite memories from this past year.
  5. Talk about that moment when you first knew you loved them.
  6. Your first date.
  7. Look at pictures.
  8. Get excited and geek out together about what’s about to happen!

3. Worry less about looking amazing, and more about being happy.

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Don’t kill yourself at the gym and starve yourself pre-wedding. Yes, get healthy, look great. Those pictures are everything… I get it. The last thing you want to do though is get sick. Or have one glass of champagne on the day and feel drunk because you haven’t eaten in a week. No matter your weight, no matter that pimple…. You are the bride and you will be the most beautiful person in the room.  Strive to be the happiest version of yourself not just the prettiest. (Plus, being happy makes you more pretty!)

4. Don’t “people-please.”

Do what makes you feel good, for example:  Everyone kept telling me that we shouldn’t stay in the same room the night before the wedding. It’s bad luck blah blah.  But I really wanted too, and I’m so glad we did. We woke up early on our wedding day, it was raining, and we sat outside in our hammock together with this feeling of ‘holy shit today is the day!’ I was happy and at peace to be in that moment with him. It was perfect. DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! DO WHAT GIVES YOU PEACE.

5. Do something thoughtful for your partner on the day.

Any time you do a service for someone else it makes you feel good and that person feel good, right?  Don’t you want your partner to feel really good as they are getting ready that day?  A little surprise from you will calm their nerves and yours.

Some suggestions:

  1. Get them a little gift that has meaning.
  2. Write a card of why you’re so excited to be spending the rest of your life with them.
  3. Send over an inside joke that will make them laugh.

Anything. But do something. It will mean a lot.

6. Practice Gratitude.

Fill your heart with gratitude that day and you will have the best day. Gratitude reminds us of what is true. Which is… You’re marrying the love of your life today and all your friends and family are here to celebrate. THAT’S AMAZING!!! When people say to me weddings are a waste. I always say, “It’s the one time in your life everyone you love will be in one room. The one time in your life people will travel a great distance to be there for you. There is something magical and priceless about that.”  Make sure to take that in. Make sure to remember people are there because they love you.

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7. Step back and really LOOK at your wedding.

Take a moment on the day and really look at all your hard work, and all the love around you.  See your mom talking to your new friend from work. Your dad laughing with your partner’s grandma. Take in your flowers. The lights.  Look at it all.  See how beautiful it is. See how lucky you are to be standing in this moment with the person you love, with all the people you love.

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8. Dance your face off!

Ditch the heels. Rip the tie off. Get weird. You won’t regret it. Be the last one on the dance floor.

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Lastly, here is the website to ASPCA.  Post Wedding blues are no joke people!  Get a puppy. We got a Waffle. IMG_8425



Photos by: Citlalli Rico                                                                                                                Location: Viceroy Riviera Maya (The most magical place on earth)


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